Mr. Criminal released new solo album "L.W.A (Latin With Attitude)" [VIDEO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 20 November 2016 12:44

Chicano Rap was missing something this summer, a new Mr. Criminal album. Normally Mr. Criminal and Hi Power Entertainment put out the new solo releases during the summertime but this time Criminal just released his all new album "L.W.A (Latin With Attitude" a couple of days ago. The new album features Lil Eazy E, G. Malone, Tray Deee, The Chill of Compton's Most Wanted and Big To Da Boy. The production was handeled by Mr. Criminal himself, Damizza, Dominator and more. To promote the release Mr. Criminal released a video for the song "Im A Rider" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below (see tracklisting). According to Criminal himself more videos will hit Youtube soon, so keep checking back for the latest visuals supporting "L.W.A".


01. L.W.A (feat. Lil Eazy E)
02. Set It Straight Interlude
03. Im A Rider
04. Straight From The West
05. Real Westsiders
06. I Don't Know That Bitch
07. They Fear A Latin With An Attitude
08. Another Hood Story
09. California Bang Bang
10. Keep A Gun Close
11. Lil Eazy E Blue Intro
12. Kicking Back Being Blue [REMIX] (feat. G Malone, Tray Deee, Lil Eazy E, The Chill, Big To Da Boy)
13. Click Click Bang
14. Fuck Donald Chump
15. Grew Up In The 90's
16. Clouds Of Smoke
17. Who Would've Known
18. You Ain't Talkin Me
19. Don't Play

Chicano Rap, Sureno Rap, Gangster Rap, West Coast

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