Big Sanch states to "Respect The Old Ways" with new album

Big Sanch - Respect The Old Ways Chicano Rap

Big Sanch, who is part of the group Empire Riderz, released his new solo album "Respect The Old Ways" a couple of days ago. Features include artists such as Nueve, Ne, Bozo, Tatt Um Up, Paul Daniel, Bams, Big E, Key Low, Danger, Cee Low and FKM. As usual these days we've already seen a couple of visuals promoting the release inculding his latest video for "IE Till I Die [REMIX] featuring Paul Daniel, Bams, Tatt Um Up and FKM. All videos are linked below. If you like what you hear and see you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from wherever digital music is sold.

01. Do You Like Gangsters
02. Belly On The Beast (feat. Nueve, Nel)
03. Trapping Or Your Rapping (feat. Bozo, Tatt Um Up, Nel)
04. Riding Low (feat. Paul Daniel, Bams)
05. Everyday On The West Coast (feat. Bams, Marisol)
06. Bitches Mad
07. Never Switch (feat. Big E, Bams)
08. Getting Nothing (feat. Bams)
09. Off That OG Kush
10. Evilness That Men Do (feat. Key Low)
11. Getting Is Good (feat. Danger)
12. G In Me (feat. Nueve, Cee Low)
13. IE Till I Die [REMIX] (feat. Paul Daniel, Bams, Tatt Um Up, FKM)

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