Brown Boy returns to the Chicano Rap scene

Brown Boy - V... Five Chicano Rap

When it comes to new music we haven't heard from Brown Boy for a while. Yesterday he returned to the Chicano Rap scene with his new LP called "V... Five". "Brown Boy brings you his 5th studio album titled "V". With production from D. Salas and Simes Carter this album is full of all new hits with that classic BB sound. The album features the hit songs "IYWM" and "Treat You Right". Brown Boy brings you an all-star line-up of features including MC Magic, Zig Zag of NB Ridaz, Nino Brown, Selo, Marty Obey, SC of Mob Fam, both lead singers from Nu Flavor (Rigo Luna & Pangie) and more." You can buy the digital version from CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes. I've also seen pictures of pressed copies on Instagram if you prefer the physical version.

01. Intro
02. Roll Out (feat. Zig Zag)
03. If You Were Mine (IYWM)
04. Treat You Right (feat. Selo, Zig Zag)
05. Always (feat. MC Magic)
06. The One I Need
07. Stay (feat. SC)
08. Dolla Signs (feat. Nino Brown, GT Garza)
09. My Everything (feat. Marty Obey)
10. RockWitchu (feat. Johnny C)
11. Better Man (feat. Selo)
12. My Heart Bleeds

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