Brown Shady already released new album "Cali Is On Fire" in May

Back in June Brown Shady aka Marro himself posted a video of the song "Move It" in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. At this point I was not aware of the fact that he already released a full new album called "Cali Is On Fire" May, 19th. For people who don't remember Brown Shady or who haven't heard of him before, he already started his Chicano Rap career years ago under the name Marro with the Wicked Minds and has released at least 2 albums back in the days. The new record which was released through his own label M.A.K Records features artists such as Creeper, Frank V from Proper Dos, Slicc, Wyno Loc and Kozme. To watch the mentioned "Move It" video just click on the link in the tracklist. If you like what you see and hear you can get your digital copy at the usual online stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you haven't heard his earlier work you can find it online as well. If you ask me you should check out his classics songs "3 Deep" featuring ODM from Lighter Shade Of Brown and Lil Blacky as well as "In These Times" featuring ODM.

01. Like A Movie
02. L.A County
03. Respect (feat. Creeper)
04. Straight Banging (feat. Frank V)
05. Kill A Flow
06. Gangsta Life (feat. Slicc)
07. Move It
08. Homie Don't Play (feat. Wyno Loc)
09. Life Of Sin (feat. Frank V)
10. On The Map
11. Don't Trust No One
12. 187
13. Save Me (feat. Kozme)

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