"C.O.D... Cash On Demand" is Dinero's 3rd solo album

Dinero - C.O.D... Cash On Demand Chicano Rap

Doble Filo Entertainment recording artist Dinero released his 3 solo album "C.O.D... Cash On Demand" earlier today. The LP features artists such as Tiny Loko, Risky, Iambillydee and Kre8tor. Talking about Kre8tor, he also filmed two videos for the album, one which is supposed to hit YouTube later today, so keep an eye open. It's either going to be for "Forever" or "Gotta Get' Em". The one which is not going to be released today should be out at a later point. The digital version of "C.O.D... Cash On Demand" can be bought from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes. As usual you can also follow Dinero directly on his official Instagram account.

01. Forever
02. Gotta Get 'Em
03. Cash On Demand
04. Dedicated
05. Ive Been Hustling (Skit)
06. Past Life
07. Better Move (feat. Tiny Loko)
08. Put In That Work (feat. Risky)
09. What It Is
10. In The Summer Time (feat. Iambillydee)
11. Sipping Henn
12. No Body But You
13. Bump And Grind (feat. Iambillydee)
14. Everytime I See You
15. One More Day (feat. Iambillydee, Kre8tor)

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