Crazy Boy's 2nd album of the year "Rezurrection" is out now

Crazy Boy - Rezurrection Chicano Rap

After releasing his debut album "Blue Reign" through High Rollers Entertainment back in 2004 it has taken Crazy Boy more than 10 years to release his sophomore album "Still In The Game". This year he seems to be on a mission since he his 3rd album "Better Dayz" in January and is now already back with a new album called "Rezurrection". The new LP features Annimeanz, King Trip, Bangthozz, Dominator and more. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play and wherever digital music is sold. So far no visiuals to support the release hit YouTube yet but I'm sure we should keep an eye open for that.

01. Intro
02. Reppin'
03. Stop My Grind (feat. Annimeanz, Shorty Doo Wop)
04. Soy Player (feat. King Trip)
05. Come Over (feat. Bliss, Bangthozz)
06. Like Me Skit
07. Like Me (feat. P Luvv, Sinkek Loco)
08. In The Streets (feat. Sinkek Loco, Bangthozz)
09. In The Shade (feat. Chitty Cobain)
10. Hold Up (feat. Abzurd, King Trip, Lil Bones)
11. Who Run It (feat. Blue Dream, King Trip, Abzurd)
12. Pull Up (feat. Lil Bones Tello, Dominator)
13. Crazy Stick
14. Still High (feat. Boo Boo, J Pro, King Trip)
15. Outro

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