High Caliber Records released new Loco Negro album "Street Wise"

July 8th High Caliber Records released Loco Negro's new album "Street Wise". The LP which is mainly produced by legendary Ernie G (one half Proper Dos) features artists such as Ernie G himself, Dee The Great, Ronin Gray, Unclue Rude and Bozo. If you want to preview some of the songs from the album you can head over to Loco Negro's official Youtube account where he uploaded some songs yesterday. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from the known stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you want to preview the other tracks which are not on Youtube you can do that on Spotify. If you ask me it's really good record with some nice and classic samples so check it out!

01. Can You Feel It (feat. Ernie G)
02. Jiggawatts
03. You And I (feat. Dee The Great)
04. Lost L.A
05. Judas
06. Cold World
07. Anita Baker (feat. Ronin Gray)
08. Did It 4 Jesus
09. Tongue Of Fork (feat. Uncle Rude)
10. British Knights N Cocaine (feat. Bozo)

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