New Malow Mac album "Notorious" hits the internet

After releasing no fresh music in 2016 is Malow Mac back with his brand new album "Notorious". The LP which is distributed through M.O.B.G Entertainment features artists such as Outwest, Rigo Luna, King Lil G, Samantha (Latino) and his Legendary Mafia. Over the last couple of weeks Malow Mac already released 2 videos. The 1st video he released is for the track "To Live And Die In I.E" featuring the Legendary Mafia. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. The 2nd video he released is for the track "Unfadable" featuring Outwest. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. For now you can get the digital version of the album on Amazon and Google Play. According to Malow Mac himself pressed copies should be available next week.

01. Real Talk
02. California Murder Case
03. Do You Wanna Get High
04. Notorious Malow Mac
05. Ratchets
06. Unfadable (feat. Outwest)
07. Cruising The Streets
08. Who's Talking Beef
09. My Homie (feat. Rigo Luna, King Lil G)
10. I'm A Ryda (feat. Samantha)
11. Smooth Operator
12. Thoughts Of A General
13. Lowriders
14. To Live And Die In I.E (feat. Legendary Mafia)

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