Mr. Capone-E album #8 out of 12 is out now

After releasing his July release "Just A Player" which brought you a more mainstream kind of sound is Mr. Capone-E back with his August LP "A Hi Power Story". This month's album brings you a more vintage Hi Power Entertainment sound as it features artists from the past such as Lil Tweety, Bozo and Mr. Criminal as well as artists from the current Hi Power roster including Crazy Loc, Miss Lady Pinks, Tyrant and Clumsy Beatz. There's an additional guest appearance by Maldito from the 805 Clicka who has been featured on some of the latest Mr. Capone-E releases. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. So far we have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not. If you are interested into a physical copy keep checking the official Hi Power Entertainment website where you can order all the latest Mr. Capone-E CDs.

01. Hi Power (Intro)
02. Hitting Them Streets (feat. Crazy Loc)
03. Dynasty (feat. Lil Tweety, Miss Lady Pinks)
04. Sounding The Same (feat. Miss Lady Pinks, Bozo)
05. Hi Power Story Roll Call
06. Can't Stop Me
07. Hi Power Over Everything (feat. Miss Lady Pinks, Tyrant)
08. Bow Down (feat. Mr. Criminal)
09. Standing Alone
10. This The Time (feat. Bozo, Maldito)
11. They Wanna Join (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
12. What Happened
13. Hi Power (Outro)

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