Dinero & Tiny Loko released collaboration LP "Probable Kause"

After releasing their compilation "California Love Part II" on Valentines Day is Doble Filo Entertainment back with Dinero's & Tiny Loko's collaboration LP "Probable Kause". The album which was released August, 29th features artists such as Chino Grande, A.L.T The Saint, Komp, Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, Kozme, Mr. Trippalot, Troublez, Anthony and Juan Gambino. Right on the same day they also released a video for the song "Planet Los Angeles" which features Chino Grande. To watch the video just click on the link in the tracklist. As usual you are able to get your copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital stores.

01. Planet Los Angeles (feat. Chino Grande)
02. We Got It (feat. A.L.T The Saint)
03. In My 65 (feat. Komp)
04. Living My Life (feat. Spanky Loco)
05. Stil In The West (feat. Huero Snipes)
06. Loosing Control (feat. Kozme)
07. Don't Kill My High
08. We On It [REMIX] (feat. Spanky Loco)
09. Can't Fuck With You
10. Probable Kause
11. My Feria (feat. Mr. Trippalot)
12. How I Do
13. Club Shit (feat. Troublez)
14. How She Make Me Feel (feat. Anthony Rey)
15. Only God Can Judge Me (feat. Juan Gambino)

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