Introducing Bakersfield based artist D-Loc

About a month ago we posted a video of Bakersfield based artist D-Loc. If you ask me it's time to take a closer at the artist who already has a mixtape and a full studio album in stores. The mixtape is called "Best Kept Secret Vol. 1" and can be bought exclusively over at his official website His first full studio album "Came Up Overnight" which was released in 2016 can be bought from all digital stores including Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Over at his official YouTube account you are able to watch the latest video "Work So Hard" featuring Trazel as well as some more music videos, behind the scenes stuff, etc. He also released a video for one of the tracks from the "Came Up Overnight" LP which is called "What You Know 'Bout That". To watch the video just click here.

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