Introducing the Chicano Rap group Thee Untouchables

Thee Untouchables - Thee Untouchables Chicano Rap

What happens when Conejo, Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow and Misfit Soto combine to record some music? Exactly, a Chicano Rap super group is formed, and that despite the fact that certain members of the group don't want to be labeled as "Chicano Rap". The name of the group is Thee Untouchables, which is also the name of the EP they released a couple of days ago through Sinister Kingdom Music. I listened to it over the weekend and need to say that it's a really dope release, the only negative is that it's not a full lenght album. As far as I know they filmed at least one video, so keep an eye open for a visial coming the next days. In the meantime you can buy the digital album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Untouchable
02. War
03. Throne
04. Do Like Us
05. Heart Of a Winnder
06. Rap Devils

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