Maldito released solo album "Brown Down & Dangerous"

Maldito - Brown Down & Dangerous Chicano Rap

With "Brown Down & Dangerous" Maldito, member of the Chicano Rap group 8ß5 Clicka, released his 1st solo album. The LP which was released end of January features Duke, Wreckless and Dopes. The video for the song "Wicked Life" featuring Wreckless can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. If you like what you head and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's another dope album coming from Clicked Up Entertainment, so check it out!

01. Brown Down & Dangerous
02. As Soon AS I Touch Down
03. Game Time (feat. Duke)
04. Don't Try To Step Up
05. Walk The Walk
06. Wicked Life (feat. Wreckless)
07. Gangsta Lean
08. Fuck The Law 2
09. Strap On The Side (feat. Duke)
10. Ghetto Life (feat. Dopes & Duke)
11. When I Die
12. Ride WIth A G
13. Bounce To This (feat. Dopes & Duke)

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