Malow Mac's new record "Alpha Male" is out now

Malow Mac - Alpha Male Chicano Rap

Malow Mac release his brand new LP "Alpha Male" earlier today. Features include Fingazz, Mr. Shadow, Kokane and Breana Marin. The album contains a controversial diss song aimed his former Hi Power Entertainment recording partner Miss Lady Pinks. Back in 2018 he already released the first video for the song "I Get Down". This was followed by 3 more releases including videos for "And Still", "Shameless" and "Recognize". All can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's another dope album by Malow Mac!

01. I Get Down
02. No Love
03. Ryda Music
04. Shadows (feat. Breana Marin)
05. Straight Up Its Fuck You
06. Thugg Love (feat. Fingazz)
07. And Still
08. For My Rydas
09. West Coast Repping (feat. Mr. Shadow, Fingazz)
10. They Got Me Dumping
11. Recognize (feat. Kokane)
12. Shameless (feat. Fingazz)
13. Story Of Mr. Pinks

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