Mister D released new single and video featuring all-star lineup

Mister D - Repping The Streets Chicano Rap

A couple of weeks ago SL Entertainment released Hillside's new album "King Of The Hill". Now they are already back with a real Chicano Rap banger, Mister D's new single "Repping The Streets" featuring Cold 187um aka Big Hutch (Above The Law), Trouble P, Cuete Yeska (Wicked Minds & Hit Squad), Wicked (Brownside) and O.G Ese Trouble. Yesterday they also premiered the video for it. Due to problems with the HD version they had re-upload it earlier today. To watch it just click here. If you like what you hear and see make sure to get the single from Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's a really interesting collaboration between Chicano Rappers we should see more often...

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