Mister One returns with new solo album "Gold Gang Or Die"

Mister One - Gold Gang Or Die Chicano Rap

To be honest I don't even know when Chicano Rap veteran Mister One released his last solo album, it's been some time. Last year he returned to the scene under the name Kush Boy by releasing a single with Lil Bandit called "Diamonds & Pearls". Earlier this year he has also been featured on the Low Profile Records compilation "Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5". Now he's back with his new LP "Gold Gang Or Die". Features include Big2DaBoy, Ogami, Ramon, Yaboixri$e, AceB and Lil Sicko. To my information no pressed copies are available, so get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or any other digital music store of your choice.

01. Intro
02. Pick And Choose (feat. Big2DaBoy)
03. This Is The Life
04. Mobbin Thru The River (feat. Ogami)
05. Kush Smoking Money Countin (feat. Big2DaBoy, Ramon)
06. Show You How To Love (feat. Ogami, Yaboixri$e)
07. Monsters In My Head (feat. Big2DaBoy)
08. Slippin Jimmy (feat. Ogami)
09. In For The Kill (feat. Big2DaBoy)
10. L.A Here's To You
11. Blunted Out Just Because (feat. Lil Sicko)
12. Where Im From (feat. Ogami, Yaboixri$e, AceB, Lil Sicko)
13. G.G.O.D (feat. Ogaim, Yaboixri$e)

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