Mr. D's new solo album "West Coast Official..." is dropping today

Mr. D - West Coast Official... Chicano Rap

When it comes to new music it was kinda quiet about SL Entertainment as they have been busy working on their 1st ever movie "A Southland Tale". When and where this will be released remains to be seen. What's for sure is that Mr. D is releasing his new solo album "West Coast Official..." today. Interestingly it seems as he changed the writing of his name from "Mister D" to "Mr. D" as seen on the cover. The official press release reads like this: "Mr. D, the original Chicano Rap gangster returns with "West Coast Official..." that includes an all-star cast like Cold 187um, MC Eiht, Conejo, Bad Azz, Selo, Cuete Yeska & more. This album is the best of the best of gangster rhymes, dope old school beats and nothing but pure fire.". The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. The physical copy can be bought from the official SL Entertainment eBay page by clicking here.

01. Cause Im Dope (feat. Knocturnal, Cold 187um)
02. If You Wanna Roll With Me (feat. Chino 40, Cino 100)
03. In The Streets (feat. Trouble P, Big Al, Loomis)
04. Banging On These Lames (feat. MC Eiht, Squeak Ru, Kryptonite)
05. Real Mfs (feat. Rappin 4 Tay, Big Al, Bobby Southland, Hillside)
06. West Side Gangster Shit (feat. Bad Azz, Big Al)
07. Southland To Japan (feat. Cold 187um, Lil Saint, Hillside)
08. Late Night Move (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Big Al)
09. Don't Cross Me (feat. Frank V, Kryptonite)
10. Im Lost (feat. Cold 187um)
11. In The Eyes (feat. Big Al, Bobby Southland, Trouble P, Lil Saint, Cino 100, Miss Minky)
12. You Give Good Lovin (feat. Selo, Hillside, Criz Beetz)
13. Its Been Awhile (feat. Cold 187um)
14. You Think You're Lonely (feat. Big Al, Selo, Criz Beetz)
15. Please Don't Go (feat. O.G Triggs, Chino 40, Selo, Krystle)
16. Let Me Live My Life (feat. Frank V, Cold 187um)
17. End Of The Line [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Conejo, Cuete Yeska, Frank V)
18. Southland Thing [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Big Lazie, Big Al, Lil Saint, Trejo)
19. Down South Hustling [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Snoop Dogg, Thee Kas, Trouble P, Big Al)

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