Mr. Junebug's "Runnin' Outta Time" is ready to be pre-ordered

Mr. Junebug - Runnin Outta Time Chicano Rap

Mr. Junebug is going to release his new album "Runnin' Outta Time" August, 1st. The LP which contains of 15 all new songs can already be pre-ordered now. Features include Trish, Snoopz, Kokane, Fingazz, Dirty Knuckle, Trouble, Lil Stalks, Dluv, Bonx, Treble Clef, Opina and Young Phil. Over the last couple of months he has already released videos for "Like This", "Doesn't Matter" featuring Trish and "Shit Go Bang" featuring Opina. If you ask me it seems to be a really promising release from the artist who released his debut album "Sittin In The Park" through Familia Records about 18 yeares ago. You can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from wherever good music is sold. If you are interested into a pressed copy hit up Mr. Junebug on his official Instagram account.

01. Like This
02. Doesn't Matter (feat. Trish)
03. Bang Bang Boogie (feat. Snoopz)
04. Blaze It Up (feat. Kokane)
05. Catchin' Feeling's (feat. Fingazz)
06. Red Lights Blue Lights (feat. Dirty Knuckle)
07. Hustle Time (feat. Trouble)
08. On A Mission (feat. Snoopz)
09. Skit
10. Growing Up (feat. Lil Stalks)
11. Problems (feat. Dluv)
12. That Weed (feat. Bonx, Dirty Knuckle, Treble Clef)
13. Ecstasy
14. Shit Go Bang (feat. Opina)
15. Runnin' Outta Time (feat. Young Phil)

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