Mr. Lil One released new LP "Roxx With Me"

Some Chicano Rap fans are really waiting for the "Tha Mistahs II" LP, Mr. Lil One's and Mr. Shadow's 2nd collaboration album. Unfortunately we haven't heard anything about the release ever since the CEO of Pimp Rollin Records got locked up a few months ago. To bridge the time we are able to report that Mr. Lil One released a brand new album called "Roxx With Me" through Domesick Muzik and East Side Records featuring 17 all new songs on June, 30th. "Roxx With Me" features artists such as Knightowl, Estilo previously known as Mr. Sancho, Silencer and more. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. We have no information if there will be pressed copies or not.

01. Here Comes Lil One
02. RedRum
03. Domesick
04. Freak
05. Land Of The Lost
06. Strangers In The Dark
07. Go Ahead
08. County Jail
09. Dear Roxxane
10. Feel Good Musick
11. Never Come Back
12. No No No
13. Under The Boardwalk
14. Ride By The Ocean
15. No Vas A Poder
16. Yo Vivo
17. One Day

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