Mr. Lil One's "Cold World" is out now

Mr. Lil One - Cold World Chicano Rap

Yesterday Mr. Lil One released a video for his song "Still I Remain" which is taken from his new album "Cold World" which is hitting stores today. To watch the mentioned video click here or on the link below. I have to say that I really like it, they came up with a really dope and creative concept. The LP features artists such as Conejo, Young Trav, Crhymes, Lari The G and more. For sure you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music outlets. If you prefer the pressed copy you can order directly from his official website by clicking here.

01. Still I Remain
02. Walls Could Talk (feat. Lari The G, Young Trav)
03. Wait A Minute
04. Purgatory (feat. Conejo)
05. Crucify Your Mind (feat. Triste)
06. Day In the Life (feat. King Dom, CAE)
07. Gasoline Matchez (feat. Nes Kraven, ISuppose, Lari The G, Drunkz, Crhymes, Nina Beretta)
08. Born To Be Alone (feat. Villain One)
09. I've Been Watching
10. Unbreak The Broken (feat. Ari)
11. Cold World
12. Special (feat. Lari The G)
13. I Wanna rock (feat. Jot Flamez, Blythe)
14. No Regretz (feat. Jason French)
15. Dancing In The Rain (feat. Blythe)

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