Mr. Toro finally released his solo album "Directo De Los Angeles"

Mr. Toro - Directo De Los Angeles Chicano Rap

An LP which has been in the making for years, Mr. Toro's debut album "Directo De Los Angeles" was finally released September, 16th. The record of the former Charlie Row Campo affiliate was put out by Steel Banging Musick and comes with a lot of features including artists such as Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, Doll-E Girl, Cecy B, Baby Jokes Seven, MC Magic and more. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or wherever digital music is sold. People that prefer a physical copy can order it from the official Steel Banging Musick website by clicking here.

01. Intro
02. Los Angeles (feat. Spanky Loco, DI)
03. Tu Sabes Que Te Amo (feat. Lady V, David Salas)
04. Do You Wanna To Bang (feat. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes)
05. Light Em Up (feat. Roscoe)
06. Amor (feat. Cricket)
07. Between Me And You (feat. Doll-E Girl, Cricket)
08. Born To Bang (feat. Young Brown, Cricket)
09. Junto A Ti (feat. Cecy B)
10. You’re The Only One (feat. Doll-E Girl, David Salas)
11. We Run The Streets (feat. Angel, Big Rob, Seven)
12. We Bang For The Gang (feat. Chino Grande, Baby Jokes)
13. We On That Gangsta Shit (feat. Midget Loco, Young Brown)
14. Everything To Me (feat. Midget Loco, MC Magic)
15. (Outro) Directo De Los Angeles

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