New compilation "Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers" is out now

VA - Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers Chicano Rap

Over the years the Chicano Rap game has seen many beefs, what it hasn't seen too often is unity. Crazy Boy is trying to change just that by putting out a project full of different rappers from the 805 called "Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers". Featured artists include Dominator, King Trip, Chitty Cobain, Lil Bonez, Young Quicks, Jazz Brown, Cracshot and many more. As usual you can get the compilation which comes with not less than 34 songs from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. I was just skipping through the album on Spotify and need to say that it has some really dope songs, so don't miss it!

01. GBC Boy - I'm Dope
02. Lil Bonez - I'm Bout That (feat. Bizzo, King Trip)
03. Sicknotes - Cater 2u
04. King Trip - On My Hip
05. Cracshot - Set It Off (feat. Dominator, Explicit)
06. Jazz Brown - Coastin'
07. Abzzurd - Mary (feat. King Trip)
08. Trap God - She Ain't Mines
09. Jazz Brown - No Malice
10. Raziel Rtb - Smile
11. Young Quicks - Here Comes The Champ
12. Tz - Piece Of Paper
13. Aj Bishop - Determination
14. So Si - In The City (feat. Lorde Sanctus)
15. J-Rokk - Reminiscin Now And Then
16. Jbanks - Fade G Man
17. Ya Boy Bent - Strictly For Biz
18. Alvin Berkeley - Glock (feat. Billy Ray)
19. J-Rokk - Tha 805
20. Chitty Cobain - Ogcjm (feat. Crachsot)
21. Chitty Cobain - Hate Me Now
22. Young Kali - Rather Be Your Homie (feat. Ghost Sbg)
23. Savv - Thang On Me (feat. Nessie G, Tz, Mellowfasho)
24. Kody Balboa - On The Low (feat. King Trip, Lil Bonez)
25. Apor The Fallen - Out The Window
26. Dominator - The City (feat. Jazz Brown, Chitty Cobain)
27. Chitty Cobain - Feti Foldin' (feat. King Trip)
28. Lil Sketch - Tired Of Eating Beans
29. Binnebose - Trust Them Heux's
30. Bizzo - One Time (feat. Lil Bonez, King Trip)
31. Factor Rich - WCS (feat. King Trip)
32. Abzzurd - Frum Dusk Til Dawn (feat. King Trip)
33. O.G D-Loc - One The 5 (feat. King Trip)
34. Nine 7c - Wrong Direction (feat. Shorty Duwop)

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