New Dominator single "Love Rejection" hit digital stores

Dominator - Love Rejection Chicano Rap

It has been quite some time since we have last heard new music from Central Coast Clique member Dominator. Almost 2 years ago he released a video directed by Mr. Criminal for his single "Sunday Love". Click here to watch the video if you haven't seen it yet. Over the last couple of years he has also kept himself busy producing and rapping on quite a lot of Mr. Criminal songs which have been featured on Mr. Criminal's latest albums. Yesterday Dominator returned as a solo artist with his latest single, the funk jam "Love Rejection". To buy the song over at Amazon just click on the link. People that follow his official Instagram account know that he has been doing more funk songs lately. If and when he will release his next full solo album remains to be seen. For sure we will keep you updated...

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