Part 1 of exclusive interview with Dominator from the Central Coast Clique

Dominator Chicano Rap

Today we are able to present you our first ever interview with Chicano Rap legend Dominator from the Central Coast Clique (Triple C). To be exact this is part 1 of the interview as there are to many topics we have to talk about that the interview would be to long otherwise. This time Dominator sat down with us to talk the early days of his career including how he started rapping and how he started producing. Of course you also get all the information about the classic Central Coast Clique releases such as "Here Comes The Triple C", "Tha Mastapiece" and "Unutha Way". Other albums that are getting touched include Crazy Boy's "Blue Reign" as well as Dominator's only solo album "Love It Or Hate It". If you ask me the stories that Dominator has to tell about the different albums and songs are really interesting, so don't miss this dope interview! As usual you are able to listen to the interview in our interviews section by clicking here.

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