Parts of the High Rollers Entertainment catalog finally hit digital stores

High Rollers Entertainment Chicano Rap

One of Chicano Rap's problems is that huge parts of its catalog are not available online. This also accounted for 805 based label High Rollers Entertainment which has released albums by Triple C aka Central Cost Clique, Cali Life Style, T-Dre, Crazy Boy, Sara S. and more. During the week I happened to see that digital version of some of the albums are finally available now. This includes "Tha Mastapiece" and "Just... Unutha Way" by the Central Coast Clique, the Cali Life Style album "Tha 805 Invasion" as well as T-Dre's self-titled solo album. Some of the LPs have been hard to get and when they were available on eBay they haven't been the cheapest. The digital versions finally give every Chicano Rap the possibility to listen to the these classics.

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