Payaso returns with long awaited LP "Gang Signs"

Payaso - Gang Signs Chicano Rap

Payaso is back with his new album "Gang Signs". "New" might not be the correct word since the cover of the album has been floating around the internet for years and the songs have probably been recorded years ago. As usual, better late than never. The release marks the return of a true Chicano Rap legend. Being the son of the founder of Teen Angels Magazine, Payaso is known for his solo music, The Dukes Click, his label Teen Angels Records and the Latin Rap Magazine just to name a few of his ventures. When the album dropped I bought it immediatly and let me tell I have not been disappointed. To buy the record you can mover over to Google Play or iTunes.

01. Gang Signs
02. Code Of The Streets
03. Catch Me In The Hood
04. Still Payaso
05. Back Up In The Casa
06. Hate It Or Love It
07. Choose Your Path
08. Addicted To The Hustle
09. Open Up Your Eyes
10. Real Recognize Real
11. Blow Your Mind
12. Old English
13. Gangstas Round Here
14. Fuck These Haters
15. On The Line
16. Dukes Click Till We Die
17. Cruising Oldies King

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