Pressed copies of Rich G's debut album are available now

Rich G - The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles [DELUXSE EDITION] Chicano Rap

Eearlier this year saw the release of Rich G's aka Rich Garcia's debut album "The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles" through Toker's East Town Records. When it came out in February only the digital version was available. Now we are able to announce that the physical version is available as well. Since the physical version contains 2 exclusive songs it's aclled "The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles [DELUXE EDITION]". If you are interested in buying the CD you can get it from the official Brownside website by clicking here. To promote the release they also released a video for one of the exclusive songs called "Gangster Summer" featuring Lil Tokes which can be seen by clicking here.

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