R.I.P to Madogg a true Chicano Rap legend

Madogg Chicano Rap

When I woke up this morning I saw various pictures on Instagram announcing the death of Oxnard's own Madogg. Unfortunately this was confirmed by Tomas Solis, the owner of Underworld 805 Records. The Chicano Rap legend released 6 solo albums and another 5 as Ese Lil Joker. His discography is completed by the compilation "Madogg Musick Presents... 805 County Gangstas". I was lucky enough to spend a day with him and Tomas Solis when I come to L.A for the 1st time in 2005. Both picked me up at Mister D's house from where we went cruising the Southland, visiting Smiley from the Dukes Click, having dinner with Murry Brumfield, the owner of Familia Records and Creeper from Cali's Finest Productions. My condolence goes out to your family!

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