Rich G's debut album "The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles" will be out this Friday

Rich G - The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles Chicano Rap

Since his return to the music game on Brownside's "Bangin Story'z" I've been really looking forward to Rich G's solo album. Garcia, who already made an impact on releases by Brownside and Frost during the 90's, is finally set to release "The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles" this Friday, the 9th of February. Over the last couple of months they already released a couple of videos to promote the LP. This includes a music video for "Gangster Life In The City" featuring Toker and a music video for "Light It Up" also featuring Toker. To watch the videos click on the links below. Just a few days ago an interesting documentary hit YouTube which can be seen by clicking here. From the samples and videos "The Rich G Show... Barrio Chronicles" seems to be an instant classic from the man Toker calls "the Mexican Nate Dogg". You can pre-order your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Barrio Ridin' (feat. Chris Gunn, E. Scott)
03. Light It Up (feat. Toker)
04. I Ain't Going Down [REMIX]
05. G'Life (feat. Wicked)
06. Homie 2 Homie (feat. Toker)
07. Fuck Love
08. Hood Life (feat. Lil Danger)
09. Gangster Life In The City (feat. Toker)
10. Dirty Dancin'
11. Gangster Girl (feat. Toker)
12. Keep Your Head Up (feat. Wicked)
13. Rest In Peace (Firme Memories) (feat. Toker)
14. I Ain't Going Down [OG VERSION]

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