Solo Sinatra released 3rd album of the year "Doppelgangers"

After releasing 2 albums earlier this year, "Cash Over Ass" and "Between Two Worlds", is Solo Sinatra already back with his 3rd album of the year called "Doppelgangers". The new LP which hit online stores yesterday features artists such as his C.O.A Click partner Siete, Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist, Twist, Lennox, Anita Blunt, Ese Venom and Rio. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. I just finished listening to the album on Spotify and need to say that it's a really good release, so make sure to give it a listen. In other news you can also check out Solo Sinatra's latest video for the song "Bad Girl" which is taken from from the "Cash Over Ass" album by clicking here.

01. Mine Fucked (feat. Siete)
02. Cali Dipping (feat. Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
03. Wild Wild West (Solo) (feat. Twist 1)
04. Bold & Cautious
05. Don't Want Your Girl
06. Return Of The Dead
07. Still Rollin (feat. Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
08. Take Me Down (feat. Lennox, Anita Blunt)
09. DayDreaming
10. G Like The Yakuza (feat. Siete, Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist)
11. Look North (feat. Ese Venom)
12. In Control (feat. Rio)
13. I Do Love You
14. Go To The Father
15. How You Living
16. Freaky Tales (feat. Siete)

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