Solo Sinatra released new album "Cash Over Ass"

Solo Sinatra - Cash Over Ass Chicano Rap

After releasing the compilation "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" a couple of days ago is M.O.B.G Entertainment already back with its next LP, Solo Sinatra's new album "Cash Over Ass". The album which is named after the infamous C.O.A Click features artists such as Siete, Ese Venom, Crazy G, Gangster Twist, Prob, Rio, Nefarious Mexica, Sleepy Malo and more. A video for the single "Bad Bitch" featuring the C.O.A Click was released earlier this month. In case you haven't seen it yet click here. To pick up "Cash Over Ass" hit up Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes or all other digital retailers. In other M.O.B.G Entertainment related news you can already be on the lookout for the next album, Gangster Twist's solo album "Neighborhood Watch", which is supposed to be out April, 1st.

01. Marshall Law Intro
02. Washed Up (feat. Ese Venom, Crazy G)
03. Problems (feat. Ese Venom)
04. It's A M.O.B.G Thang Baby (feat. Gangster Twist, Prob)
05. On My Own (feat. Gangster Twist, Cos, Knocturnal)
06. Tierra Caliente (feat. Rio)
07. Bad Bitch (feat. C.O.A Click)
08. Get Away (feat. Jessa Calderon)
09. Alone
10. Un Razon (feat. Prob, Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica)
11. Bad Girl
12. Bane And Agony (feat. C.O.A Click)
13. Timeless
14. It's Over (feat. C.O.A Click, Ese Venom)
15. Flatline (feat. Siete)
16. Gang Related
17. Trumpets (feat. Artimus Prime)
18. G Party (feat. Ese Venom, Sleepy Malo, Prob)

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