Solo Sinatra returns with "Doppelgängers 2"

Solo Sinatra - Doppelgängers 2 Chicano Rap

Solo Sinatra from the infamous C.O.A Click is back with "Doppelgängers 2" 3 years after releasing the original. The album which is coming with 12 all new songs features artists such as Ojay The Great, his C.O.A Click partner Siete, Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo, Midget Loco, Keyvous, Rio, Teck, and Trouble P. By no surprise you can get the MP3 version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and from wherever digital music is sold. I was skipping through the songs the other day and need to say that the album features some bangers, so don't miss it.

01. Tormenta
02. Mad (feat. Ojay The Great, Siete)
03. This M.O.B.G (feat. Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo)
04. Scoop You Up
05. Fully Focused (feat. Gangster Twist, Midget Loco, Sleepy Malo)
06. Hold My Hand (feat. Keyvous)
07. No Escape (feat. Gangster Twist, Rio)
08. No Worries (feat. Keyvous, Siete, Teck)
09. Tequila (feat. Siete)
10. Make It Bounce (feat. Gangster Twist, Trouble P)
11. Not Worried But Nothing
12. Its All I Know (feat. Trouble P)
12. On My Own

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