Steel Banging Musick put out "Against All Odds" by Lyrik Cruz

Lyrik Cruz - Against All Odds Chicano Rap

March 9th, Steel Banging Musick released Lyrik Cruz's new album "Against All Odds". The LP which contains of 12 all new songs features Steel Banging Musick CEO Midget Loco, J Cas, Hennesy Marie, Smitty, DB, Sheri and Dope Man. Over at the official label YouTube page you are able to listen to snippets of the album as well as the song "Higher" featuring Hennesy Marie. If you want to listen to the snippets click here, if you want to listen to the full song click in the tracklist. As always you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. We have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not.

01. Against All Odds (Intro)
02. Flex
03. Wanna Be (feat. J Cas)
04. Athletics (feat. Hennesy Marie, Midget Loco)
05. Dark Hallways (feat. Smitty, DB)
06. Servin (feat. Sheri, J Cas)
07. Higher (feat. Hennesy Marie)
08. Love That (feat. Dope One)
09. How About You
10. Kill Or Be Killed (feat. Hennesy Marie, J Cas)
11. Rooftops (feat. Dope One)
12. Beautiful Rose (Outro)

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