Steel Banging Musick's compilation "The Confidential Album" is finally out now

Steel Banging Musick - The Confidential Album Chicano Rap

Exactly a week ago did Steel Banging Musick and Midget Loco release a new compilation called "The Confidential Album". The album features the current Steel Banging Musick roster including Midget Loco himself, Lil Vee, The Lils, Jay Brown, Tripper Loco, Young Brown and Lady J. Here's the official press release: "Steel Banging Musick brings you another dope group project to enjoy. You've heard of "Midget Loco Presents... Death Of Studio Gangsters" and "The Forgotten Tapes Of Steel Banging Musick". Now hear "The Confidential Album". This album has been in the making for awhile and is definitely well worth the wait. This all star team of lyrical artists bring you their best flows and their smooth styles. This team has been working hard not just in the studio but also on movies, videos and doing shows. You can see them on movies like Snoop Dogg's "Mouse Trap", Nick Cannon's "School Dance" , and "Filly Brown" . You could also see them on the latest Wiz Khalifa "Pull Up" video. SBM is definitely a music group that has become a house hold name. See this group in your town soon.". As usual you can pick it up at Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and all other digital retailers. For more information you can also hit up the official Steel Banging Musick website, where you are also able to order your phsical copy, by clicking here.

01. Midget Loco - Smashing
02. Midget Loco - We On Fire
03. Lil Vee - Homies On The Block
04. Midget Loco - Non Believers
05. The Lils - Kern County Gangbanger
06. Midget Loco - Wake Up Call
07. Midget Loco - We The New Movement
08. Midget Loco - Bar Hopping
09. Jay Brown - Come And Rock With Me
10. Tripper Loco - I'm That Man
11. Midget Loco - What's Going On
12. Young Brown - Monday Through Sunday
13. Young Brown - Summer TIme
14. Lady J - Good Girl Gone Bad
15. Lil Vee - Beauty
16. Midget Loco - Better Check Yourself

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