"Street Warriors" by the 805 Clicka is out now

805 Clicka - Street Warriors Chicano Rap

July, 3rd the 805 Clicka released their brand new album "Street Warriors" through Clicked Up Entertainment. Yesterday they released a video for the title track which can be seen by clicking here or on the link below. I wouldn''t be surprised to see some more visials soon, so keep an eye open. The LP features artists such as Dopes, Steelow, Trucha, Hyper, Factor, Silent and SickMinded Criminals. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. The pysical version can be ordered from the official 805 Clicka website 805clickamusic.com.

01. Intro
02. Street Warriors
03. Lay Low (feat. Dopes)
04. Haters (feat. Steelow, Trucha)
05. Step It Up (feat. Dopes)
06. G's & Loc's (feat. Hyper)
07. Don't Get Caught Slippin'
08. Friend Like Me (feat. Factor)
09. Against The World
10. Heartless
11. Blessed (feat. Dopes)
12. Trying To Get Paid (feat. Steelow, Silent)
13. Where I'm From
14. Feel The Heat
15. 100 (feat. SickMinded Criminals)
16. Ponte Trucha
17. Lean Slow (feat. Steelow)
18. Like It Ain't Nothing
19. OG Click Sticks
20. I Just Wanna Party (feat. Dopes)
21. We Gotta Go (feat. Steelow)

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