Streetlife Musik Ent. released new album by Lil Stalks

Lil Stalks - Thru The Storm Chicano Rap

Like promised we are back with the information about Lil Stalks just released album "Thru The Storm". Features include Triple X, Westcoast ILL V, Lil Sicko, Laydii Zee, Michelle G, Snoopz, Carolyn Rodriguez and Chum. The first video for a track from the LP already hit YouTube back in 2018. After that Lil Stalks went on to release 3 more videos to promote the album. All of them can be seen by clickng on the respective link below. If you ask me it's a dope album you shouldn't be sleeping on, so if you are interested you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. City Of The Bridge
02. Chicano G's (feat. Triple X)
03. Dashing (feat. Westcoast ILL V)
04. Get The Cash (feat. Lil Sicko, Laydii Zee)
05. In Da Hood
06. Had A Choice (feat. Michelle G)
07. Never Change (feat. Snoopz)
08. Thru The Storm
09. Struggle Is Real
10. For The Love Of You (feat. Caroyln Rordriguez)
11. Summer Season (feat. Michelle G)
12. Hit The Switch
13. Baby Girl
14. Game Over (feat. Chum)

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