Sykoalition released debut album more than 20 years after original recordings

Sykoalition - Born Again Chicano Rap

Sykoalition, a San Diego based group, released their debut album "Born Again" more than 20 years after the songs were recorded. Some fans might still remember that one of their songs was featured on the Familia Records compilation "Chicano Rap Volume 3" back in 1999. The official press statement reads like this: "Sykoalition - Old School Rap & Hip Hop at it's best!!! Southern California is were it all started for us. If you like Old School Rap/ Hip Hop, Chicano Rap, Latin Rap or even old school dance club rap, this is the album. Guaranteed to change your soul if you listen long enough! Bringing you back to the 90's with these rap hits.". You can buy the LP from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. You can also be on the lookout for a review by 2xDope coming the next days, so stay tuned!

01. Tell Me Why
02. Materialize
03. Can't Let Go
04. Games You Play
05. Ill Funky Flow
06. Southern Cal
07. Get Up
08. Kung Fu Fighting
09. Groovin (feat. Frankie J)
10. Doin It All Over
11. Junior (feat. Trevor Davis)

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