Unofficial Mr. Lil One LP "Return Of The Boogeyman" is out

Mr. Lil One - Return Of The Boogeyman Chicano Rap

Back in March we reported that Mr. Lil One has released his newest LP "Domesick" and that 7 songs from the album can be downloaded for free from his SoundCloud page. In the meantime the other tracks from the album have been added as well, so that the whole release is available for free. About a month later RuffLife Recordz, the record label that also released Mr. Lil One's "The Hooligan" LP, put out another album called "Return Of The Boogeyman". If I'm not mistaking not all songs on this album are new as some of them have already been featured on the already mentioned "The Hooligan" LP. According to Mr. Lil One himself this is not an official release supported by him. If you are still interested you can get your digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Welcome
02. Ride To This
03. Check Urself
04. Come & Get It
05. The Return
06. Forever Temporary
07. California
08. The Truth
09. Still Here
10. Crazy
11. Super Natural
12. Don't Speak

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