Veneno released part 2 of "Art Of War" album series

Veneno - Art Of War: Manifesto Dos... The Synthesizer Chicano Rap

Late 2019 did Veneno release his album "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno". Now the Tattoo Ink member is back with volume 2 called "Art Of War: Manifesto Dos... The Synthesizer" to be exact. As usual with his releases there hasn't been any promotion. The new LP consists of 12 songs with 2 of them being instrumental versions. When it comes to features there are none. If you want to buy it you can do so over at Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I listened to the album the other day and need to say that it comes with some bangers while "Children Of The Night" is my favorite song.

01. No Antidote
02. Its All Good I Aint Mad
03. Chilrden Of The Night
04. The Last Of Us
05. Wrong Turn
06. Boom Bap Trap
07. Peace Of Mind
08. Story Time
09. Look In Your Soul
10. New Heat
11. Boom Bap Trap [INSTRUMENTAL]

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