Veneno's "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" is out now

Veneno - The Art Of War: Manifesto Uno Chicano Rap

Original Tattoo Ink member Veneno aka Venom released his brand new record "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" at the end of November. The LP consists of 10 new songs which are all produced by infamous Casper The Beat Bandit who made his return to the Chicano Rap game after taking a little break. As usual these days you can by the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's also about time that we finally hear a new Tattoo Ink album as well, now that Conejo is back in the US. Here is the "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" tracklist:

01. Manifesto (Sad Track)
02. County Blues
03. Dont Give Up
04. Ride Or Die
05. Come Back
06. Take The Money And Run
07. Phenomenal
08. Crafty
09. Hiphop Classic
10. Last Batch

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