Yung Gritty sets himself new standard with "Unfinished Business"

Yung Gritty - Unfinished Business Chicano Rap

Late 2017 Yung Blu released his last LP "Nexxlevelofgame". Now he's not only back under the name Yung Gritty but also brings us a new album called "Unfinished Business". Features are rare but include Raymor and Jelly Roll. Below you are going to find the link to the video for "24 Seven" which was released 3 months ago. The other day I listened to the album and need to say that's a dope record, most likely his best work to date. We have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not but for sure you can get the digital version from the known stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Introduction
02. Trust In Me
03. 24 Seven
04. Pray
05. Elevated
06. Celebrate
07. Mirror
08. Alone
09. This Road
10. Toes Down
11. Real Can Relate
12. Desmarde (feat. Raymor)
13. Dear God
14. Nobody
15. Through My Rear View
16. Feelings (feat. Jelly Roll)

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