Mr. Capone-E's latest hit single features Kevin Gates

Mr. Capone-E - All The Time Chicano Rap

A couple of days ago Mr. Capone-E released a brand new hit single called "All The Time" featuring rap heavyweight Kevin Gates. You can listen to the song for free over at the official Hi Power Entertainment YouTube page by clicking here. To buy the single move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold. According to Mr. Capone-E he's going to release a video for the song later today, so be on the lookout for that. Make sure to follow his official Instagram account for the latest information about his upcoming album and all other releases Hi Power Entertainment has to offer this year.

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After 9 years Malvados Click returned with new album "Vida Loca"

Malvados Click - Vida Loca Chicano Rap

Some of you probably know I'm a big fan of the song "Ponte Trucha" by the Malvados Click featuring Knightowl. The track is featured on the album "Malvados Click" which was released in 2009. 9 years later they are back with a new album called "Vida Loca". To promote the LP they also released videos for "Just 2 Low" and the title song "Vida Loca" which can both be seen by clicking on the respective link below. CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes all carry the digital version. Pressed copies can be ordered from Stilow Nasty by getting at him through his official Instagram account.

01. Intro
02. Up To No Good
03. Trayendo Barras
04. En El Barrio
05. Life So Dangerous
06. We On It
07. Real South Siders
08. Just 2 Low
09. Keep It Jumping Pt. 2
10. Malvados
11. No Quieren Jugar
12. I'll Be Right There
13. Solos Es Un Juego
14. Loving You
15. Vida Loca

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Yung Gritty sets himself new standard with "Unfinished Business"

Yung Gritty - Unfinished Business Chicano Rap

Late 2017 Yung Blu released his last LP "Nexxlevelofgame". Now he's not only back under the name Yung Gritty but also brings us a new album called "Unfinished Business". Features are rare but include Raymor and Jelly Roll. Below you are going to find the link to the video for "24 Seven" which was released 3 months ago. The other day I listened to the album and need to say that's a dope record, most likely his best work to date. We have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not but for sure you can get the digital version from the known stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Introduction
02. Trust In Me
03. 24 Seven
04. Pray
05. Elevated
06. Celebrate
07. Mirror
08. Alone
09. This Road
10. Toes Down
11. Real Can Relate
12. Desmarde (feat. Raymor)
13. Dear God
14. Nobody
15. Through My Rear View
16. Feelings (feat. Jelly Roll)

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Wolfie released debut album "Under The City Lights"

Wolfie - Under The City Lights Chicano Rap

Streetlife Musik Ent. released Wolfie's debut album "Under The City Lights" June, 25th. Features include Lil Stalks who just released an album himself (be on the lookout for the update), Lil G, Samantha Latino and Payaso who makes his 2nd appearance of the year. I barely found out that he also put out a video for the song "City Lights" featuring Samantha Latino. To watch the video click here to on the link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google, iTunes and all other digital music stores.

01. Intro
02. Cali Living
03. Born to Bang (feat. Lil Stalks)
04. Tormented
05. City Lights (feat. Samantha Latino)
06. Can You Hear The Sound (feat. Lil G)
07. Life In The Hood [REMIX]
08. Play My Dedication
09. Putting It Down
10. Boogie (feat. Samantha Latino)
11. Body Talk
12. On These Streets (feat. Payaso)
13. Like A Soldier
14. Fuck The World
16. Boogie [REMIX] (feat. Samantha Latino)

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Conejo released new solo album "Hood God 2... Pazuzu"

Conejo - Hood God 2... Pazuza Chicano Rap

Just a couple of days after releasing his long awaited collaboration LP with Stomper is Conejo already back with his new solo album "Hood God 2... Pazuzu". Last Wednesday he also released a video for the song "Semi Automatic" which can be seen by clicking here. I listened to the album when it came out and need to say that this is his best LP since he returned to California. If you are interested in a pressed you can get this limited piece from his official website The digital version is available from the known dealers including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Believe That
02. Eliphas Levi
03. Never Slipping
04. Tell Me Is You Knowing
05. No Fear
06. Prince Of Darkness
07. Semi Automatic
08. Understand The Mess
09. Nosferatu
10. Killafornia Inferno
11. Don't Even Trip
12. King Con

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Mr. Conejo's new album "In My Hood" is out now

Mr. Conejo - In My Hood Chicano Rap

Former Hi Power Entertainment recording artist Mr. Conejo returned to the Chicano Rap scene with his 2nd solo album "In My Hood". Features include Dawanye, Beatlejuice, Ms. Melody and Abu-E-Loks. Over the last couple of months Mr. Conejo released 3 videos to promote the release of the album. The 1st one was for the title track "In My Hood". The 2nd one was for the song "Smith And Wesson". The 3rd one was released just a couple of days ago and is for my favorie song from the album "Through The Streets Of L.A". All 3 can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. In My Hood
02. Thugging Young (feat. Dawanye)
03. Smith And Wesson
04. Green Leaves (feat. Beatlejuice)
05. One Shot (feat. Dawanye)
06. Easy (feat. Ms. Melody)
07. Through The Streets Of L.A (feat. Beatlejuice, Dawanye)
08. Ain't Fuckin With Mine
09. Let Me See That Ass (feat. Dawanye)
10. Roll Up (feat. Beatlejuice, Abu-E-Loks)

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Stomper & Conejo released long awaited collaboration LP "Lift The Curse"

Stomper & Conejo - Lift The Curse Chicano Rap

In 2007 the beef between Conejo and Hi Power Entertainment reached new heights when G-Rabbs released his "The Anti-Christ Mixtape" including the controversial diss song "Hi Coward Diss". The songs includes disses to almost every Hi Power Entertainment artist at that time including Soldier Ink member Stomper. Fast forward to 2019, the beef between Conejo and Stomper has been long squashed, they released their long awaited collaboration LP "Lift The Curse" through Urban Kings Music Group. Features include Y-Be, Misfit Soto, Veneno, Tattoo Ink and J.Hind. The digital version can be bought from Amazon and iTunes. Since there will only be 100 pressed copies we advice to order your physical copy as soon as possible from the official Urban Kings website by clicking here.

01. Enter The Curse (Intro)
02. Welcome to Vendetta
03. The Murder Rate
04. Urban Kings
05. Sudden Impact
06. Real Scarfaces
07. Cry For Me
08. Sign Of Thee Apocalypse (feat. Y-Be)
09. Fist Full Of Bullets (feat. Misfit Soto)
10. Shadow Of Death (feat. Y-Be)
11. Hood Menace
12. La Revolucion (feat. Veneno & Tattoo Ink)
13. Set For Life XX (feat. J. Hind)
14. Life The Curse (Outro)

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Parts of the High Rollers Entertainment catalog finally hit digital stores

High Rollers Entertainment Chicano Rap

One of Chicano Rap's problems is that huge parts of its catalog are not available online. This also accounted for 805 based label High Rollers Entertainment which has released albums by Triple C aka Central Cost Clique, Cali Life Style, T-Dre, Crazy Boy, Sara S. and more. During the week I happened to see that digital version of some of the albums are finally available now. This includes "Tha Mastapiece" and "Just... Unutha Way" by the Central Coast Clique, the Cali Life Style album "Tha 805 Invasion" as well as T-Dre's self-titled solo album. Some of the LPs have been hard to get and when they were available on eBay they haven't been the cheapest. The digital versions finally give every Chicano Rap the possibility to listen to the these classics.

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"Street Warriors" by the 805 Clicka is out now

805 Clicka - Street Warriors Chicano Rap

July, 3rd the 805 Clicka released their brand new album "Street Warriors" through Clicked Up Entertainment. Yesterday they released a video for the title track which can be seen by clicking here or on the link below. I wouldn''t be surprised to see some more visials soon, so keep an eye open. The LP features artists such as Dopes, Steelow, Trucha, Hyper, Factor, Silent and SickMinded Criminals. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. The pysical version can be ordered from the official 805 Clicka website

01. Intro
02. Street Warriors
03. Lay Low (feat. Dopes)
04. Haters (feat. Steelow, Trucha)
05. Step It Up (feat. Dopes)
06. G's & Loc's (feat. Hyper)
07. Don't Get Caught Slippin'
08. Friend Like Me (feat. Factor)
09. Against The World
10. Heartless
11. Blessed (feat. Dopes)
12. Trying To Get Paid (feat. Steelow, Silent)
13. Where I'm From
14. Feel The Heat
15. 100 (feat. SickMinded Criminals)
16. Ponte Trucha
17. Lean Slow (feat. Steelow)
18. Like It Ain't Nothing
19. OG Click Sticks
20. I Just Wanna Party (feat. Dopes)
21. We Gotta Go (feat. Steelow)

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More classic Aztec Tribe music hit digital stores

Aztec Tribe - Desperados Chicano Rap

Last year saw the re-release of the Aztec Tribe classic "Straight From Tha Zone" as well as the release of Shade's solo album "Grey Skies" by Calmex Music Group. Earlier this week Calmex Music Group re-released some more Aztec Tribe music including their single "Diego Town" and a full LP called "Desperados... The Album". As usual you can get the audio from all digital stores including Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes. So far we have information if their will be pressed copies or not. We advice to keep an eye open as the pressed of the "Straight From Tha Zone" sold out in just a few days.

01. Intro
02. Desperados
03. Mind Games
04. Hoochie Mamaz
05. Get To Know You
06. 1-800-Get-Chonch
07. Commin' Like This
08. Come And Get It
09. Hataz
10. Killa In Me
11. More Than A Playa
12. Black Rain
13. When Good Girls Go Bad
14. Freaky Ways
15. The Playground
16. Making That Money
17. Oye Como Va
18. Outro

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Hi Power Soldiers return after 12 years

Hi Power Soldiers - Ready For War Chicano Rap

12 years after releasing the last Hi Power Soldiers album "Book 7... The New Deal" is Hi Power Entertainment back with a brand new one called "The New Brigade... Ready For War". Featured artists include Mr. Capone-E, Grinch-O, VSBandit, Bonesla, Bugzy, Gualla Gang, Pranx, Nuda Bandz, Insane Soldier, Boxer Loko and Myster. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Over the last couple of weeks they've also released a some videos to promote the release which can all be seen by clicking on the respective link below.

01. Hi Power Soldiers - Real Hi Power G's (Roll Call)
02. Grinch-O - HP Be The Label
03. VSBandit - New Age
04. Bonesla - Affiliated
05. Bugzy - About Me
06. Gualla Gang - West Side (feat. Pranx)
07. Nudo Bandz - Letter To Chicano Rap (feat. VSBandit)
08. Hi Power Soldiers - The New Brigade (Roll Call)
09. Insane Soldier - Young Homie
10. Boxer Loko - Don't Fuck With Hi Power G's (feat. Bugzy)
11. VSBandit - I'm The New Face
12. Myster - Welcome To The EastSide
13. Hi Power Soldiers - Hi Power Outro

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Pre-order Mr. Criminal's new album "Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets"

Mr. Criminal - Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal is going to release his new album "Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets" in 4 days, June, 13th. The LP includes features by artists such as Khalid Brooks, Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez, Stomper, Annimeanz and Young Note. You can pre-order the digital version from Google Play or iTunes. The physical copy can be ordered from the official Crime Family Entertainment website by clicking here. So far no videos have been released yet but I am sure that we can expect to see some visuals the next couple of days so keep checking Mr. Criminal's YouTube page.

01. Intro (Next Eposide)
02. Frozen
03. Top Of The World
04. Cool Mellow Breeze
05. Ridin G
06. Million Dollar Mindstate
07. Big Drip (feat. Khalid Brooks)
08. Can You Feel It (feat. Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez)
09. Gangland (feat. Compton Ad, Stomper)
10. New Death Row Shit
11. Cash Roll Call (feat. Annimeanz, Young Note)
12. Where The Eses From
13. No Love In The Streets (feat. Khalid Brooks)
14. Wicky Wicky Westside
15. Based On A True Story 2
16. No Cap
17. Work For Me (feat. Lil Bones)
18. Wishin On a Star
19. Hold On

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Jasper Loco released new mixtape "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous"

Jasper Loco - Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous Chicano Rap

Without much noise did Jasper Loco release a brand new mixtape called "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous" a couple of weeks ago. The mixtape actually caught my attention after it was posted on Instagram by one of our CalifaRap Community members. When I saw I immediately tried to find the digital version but had no luck. Later I was told by the CEO of Urban Kings Music Group that there are only physical copies available. "Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous" features Money Bag, O.G Joker, Bozo, Nick Rose, Wise Guy, Billy Dee, Bigg Bandit, Ricky West and Stomper CPT. You can preview all songs over at the official Urban Kings YouTube channel. If you like what you hear you can order your copy by clicking here.

01. Take No Losses (feat. Money Bag)
02. Did You Hustle Today (feat. Money Bag)
03. Don't Front (feat. Money Bag)
04. Dirty Money (feat. Money Bag)
05. Eastside Crusing (feat. Money Bag, O.G Joker)
06. It's Necessary (feat. Money Bag, Bozo)
07. Mile High (feat. Nick Rose, Money Bag)
08. Lifestyles Of The Hood And Dangerous (feat. Money Bag)
09. Murder She Wrote (feat. Money Bag)
10. Don't Disturb (feat. Wise Guy)
11. You Bad (feat. Nick Rose, Billy Dee)
12. Get Your Money (feat. Bigg Bandit, Money Bag)
13. Old School (feat. Ricky West, Stomper CPT)

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Compilation "West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2" hit digital stores

VA - West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2 Chicano Rap

M.O.B.G Entertainment finally released its long awaited compilation "West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2" a couple of days ago. The compilation features the M.O.B.G Entertainment recording artists Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo, Trouble P, other Chicano Rappers such as King Lil G, Conejo, DTTX, Midget Loco, Lil Blacky a gang of West Coast legends including Bad Azz, Squeak Ru (AllFrumTha I), Big Hutch (Above The Law), Rapping 4Tay, MC Eiht (Compton's Most Wanted) and many more. As usual you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Bad Azz - Intro
02. Bad Azz - Let's Ride (feat. Squeak Ru, Big Hutch, Leather Face)
03. King Lil G - On The Westside (feat. Big Hutch, MC Eiht)
04. Young Drummer Boy - Gangstered Up (feat. Big Hutch)
05. MC Eiht - L.A Heat (feat. Gangster Twist, Bad Azz)
06. Conejo - Take That Chance (feat. Solo Sinatra, Compton Chapo)
07. Rapping 4Tay - Players Holiday (feat. Big Hutch)
08. MC Eiht - Just Another Day (feat. Squeak Ru, Big Hutch)
09. Young Drummer Boy - Our People (feat. Compton AV)
10. MC Eiht - Living In The Fast Lane (feat. Midget Loco, G-Love, Big Hutch)
11. Trouble P - Trippin (feat. Snoopy, Bad Azz)
12. Hollywood Donut - Pitbull (feat. O.Y.G Redrum 781, G-Love)
13. Mack 10 - Fresh [WEST COAST G MIXX] (feat. Squeak Ru, G-Love, Knockturnal, Bad Azz, Rapping 4Tay, MC Eiht, Big Hutch)
14. Bobby DTTX - How I Miss You (feat. Midget Loco, Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo, Big Hutch)
15. MC Eiht - City Of Dreams (feat. AceOneEight)
16. Trouble P - Running The Streets (feat. Big Al)

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Check out Big Al's debut album "Raised By G's"

Big Al - Raised By G's Chicano Rap

Despite starting his professional rap career with SL Entertainment did Big Al release his debut album "Raised By G's" through Famfirst Empire May, 10th. The Canoga Park native teamed up with Leatherface and Famfirst, who are the only featues on the 9 track LP. If you want to get your digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If and when he's going to release an album with SL Entertainment remains to be seen, but for sure we will keep you updated. For more information about Big Al you can also follow his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. Raised By G's
02. West Side
03. No Stopping
04. Stupid Wit It (feat. Leatherface)
05. Live My Life
06. Hating
07. Dollar & A Dream
08. Bang Your Clique
09. Got The Squad (feat. Famfirst)

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