The Bad Guy

[2002, Boulevard Records]

Lil Menace - The Bad Guy Chicano Rap

01. I'm Back (Intro)
02. Boulevard Stars
03. The Party's In LA
04. I Love You
05. Boulevard Nights (feat. Ese Deli)
06. Forever Mine [REMIX] (feat. Rocky Padilla)
07. Summertime In The 213
08. Los Angeles (feat. Stefane)
09. For My Riders
10. Problems
11. On The Outisde (feat. Lil Anthony)
12. Straight Bangin (feat. Ms. Felony)
13. Big Ball'n (feat. Mr. Wicked, L.I.Z)
14. Run Run (Skit)
15. Surenos Most Wanted (Let The Man Hunt Begin)
16. Boulevard Stars [CLEAN VERSION]
17. The Party's In LA [CLEAN VERSION]
18. Los Angeles [CLEAN VERSION] (feat. Stefane)
19. For My Riders [CLEAN VERSION]
20. Surenos Most Wanted (Let The Man Hunt Begin) [CLEAN VERSION]

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