Da Next Epysode

[2004, Discos Profeta]

Mr. Boogie - Da Next Epysode Chicano Rap

Mr. Boogie - Da Next Epysode Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Strangers (feat. Dos Karas, Hempz)
03. G-Shit (feat. Diablo)
04. Weed, Dub & Hoe [RADIO VERSION]
05. Skit. Hoe Land
06. Who Is She? (feat. Pearl, Ramsey)
07. Put Your Cups Down
08. Skit. What You Gotta Say?
09. You Don't  Know Who We Be (feat. C4, Pearl)
10. Skit. I Work 4 GGW
11. Jealous
12. Ride With Me (feat. Slush The Villain)
13. Drifiting (feat. Pearl)

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