Gangster By Blood

[2005, Charlie Row Records & Def Boy Records & East Side Records]

Mr. Chino Grande - Gangster By Blood Chicano Rap

Mr. Chino Grande - Gangster By Blood Chicano Rap

01. Intro (feat. Danny De La Paz)
02. My Life Is
03. Callin My Name (feat. Baby Jokes, Lil Minor, Bigg Bandit)
04. Funkaholic (feat. Woody, Wreck)
05. G-Skit (feat. Wicked Willie)
06. Blood Spills (feat. Travie, Snipes)
07. Keep It Pimpin (feat. Cali Life Style)
08. Fox 11
09. You Never Know (feat. LA Shadie)
10.  I'm A Rude (feat. Baby Jokes)
11. Gangster Like That (feat. Lil Minor, Snipes)
12. Play Some Funk (feat. Woody, Wreck)
13. County Jail (Blues) (feat. Travie, Rocky Padilla)
14. Can't See Me (feat. Slow Pain, Travie, Dave)
15. Cinco De Mayo (Raza Holiday) (feat. Frost, Rocky Padilla)
16. In The Club (feat. Big Dave)
17. Gangster By Blood (feat. Don Cisco)
18. Outro Alrato
19. Coming Soon

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