Straight From The Streets

[2008, Streets Of Cali Entertainment]

Snoopy - Straight From The Streets Chicano Rap

Snoopy - Straight From The Streets Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Straight From The Streets (feat. Mr. Criminal)
03. Under The Sun (feat. Dominator)
04. Mija (feat. Mr. Criminal, Dominator)
05. West Coast Weekend (feat. Mr. Capone-E, Freda)
06. Everysingle Day (feat. Suspect & The Homies)
07. Bounce (feat. Cyclone)
08. Interlude
09. You Are The One (feat. David Wade)
10. Summertime 08 (feat. Mr. Criminal, Samantha)
11. Every Single Day [REMIX] (feat. Paul Dateh)
12. At The Park (feat. Mr. Capone-E, Freda)
13. With You (feat. Mr. Criminal, Paul Dateh)
14. Outro

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