Life On The Streets

[2011, Urban Kings Music Group]

Baby Jokes - Life On The Streets Chicano Rap

Baby Jokes - Life On The Streets Chicano Rap

01. Prevail (feat. Chino Grande)
02. Don't Love You Anymore (feat. D. Salas)
03. Already Know (feat. Chino Grande & Huero Snipes)
04. Eastside 213 (feat. Mike Nez & Jasper Loco)
05. Keep Runnin, Runnin
06. She Used To Be My Sidekick (feat. Mike Nez, Jasper Loco & D. Salas)
07. Thirteen Steps (feat. Chino Grande, G Boy & Huero Snipes)
08. Bang Back (feat. D-Boy, Chino Grande & Jasper Loco)
09. I Am [feat. D. Salas, MC Magic & Rigo Luna)
10. Rhymeslayer
11. Warrior (feat. Lil Minor)
12. You Wanna Know
13. Call Me Freaky/Good (feat. Cecy B)
14. Money Talk (feat. G Boy & Jasper Loco)
15. Like An Angel (feat. Knuckles)
16. Die Tonight (feat. D-Boy)
17. Looking At Me

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