Just... Unutha Way

[???, High Rollers Entertainment]

Tripple C - Just... Unutha Way Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Westside II (feat. Don Disco, Baby-G)
03. At Tha Party (feat. Rayleen, Prophecy)
04. Interlude
05. Road Rage
06. At Birth (feat. Prophecy)
07. All Tha Time (feat. Mary Davis)
08. I Drank A Bit Too Much
09. Do You Like (feat. Baby-G)
10. Interlude
11. Stolen Goods
12. Tha Least We Could Do
13. I'm On (feat. Shaka)
14. Have You Ever (feat. Cazual)
15. What Cha Gonna Do (feat. Crazy Boy, Cazual)
16. Hittin' Every Corner (feat. T-Dre, Douglas K)
17. Gangsta's Don't Die (feat. Don Cisco, Darryl Dawes, Romero, Bad Boy)
18. Bring It On (feat. Crazy Boy, Baby Girl)
19. Take Your Life Away

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Tags: Central Coast Clique, Triple C, High Rollers Entertainment

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