Tha Mastapiece [2ND VERSION]

[2000, Artistic Recording Company]

Central Coast Clique - Tha Mastapiece Chicano Rap

Wreck - Pocket Full Of Quarters Chicano Rap

01. Saturday (feat. Prophecy)
02. Playa's Come & Go (feat. Box)
03. Lowridin' (feat. T-Dre, Kim Kyser)
04. Talk To Me With Yo Body (feat. Oscar Snow)
05. The Westside (feat. Sara S)
06. We Don't Give A F-----! (feat. Prophecy)
07. Da Muzic
08. Baby Girl (feat. Michael Cooper, Shae Love)
09. Nuthin' But The Best (feat. Sara S)
10. That Sinsemilla (feat. The Shival Experience)
11. All Night (feat. Tierra, Jiggy)
12. Tha Mastapiece
13. Throw-Up
14. Thugs At One Time (feat. Prophecy)
15. Time Fly

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Tags: Central Coast Clique, Triple C, Artistic Recording Company

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