Street Codes

[2005, 310 West Entertainment]

In Possesion - Street Codes Chicano Rap

In Possesion - Street Codes Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. Im A Gangsta
03. Ese What (feat. Woody Loco)
04. Why You Wanna F*** Wit Us (feat. Deuce Mac)
05. Well Connected (feat. 2 High)
06. Do You Want This (feat. Ms. Justice)
07. Hood Desperado
08. Skit
09. In The West
10. They Don't Wanna See Us (feat. CES From the West)
11. Death Is Commin
12. In Possesion
13. Outro

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Tags: Spanky Loco, 310 West Entertainment, In Possesion, Huero Snipes

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